Based in Montreal, KLEAR aspires to render the invisible visible.

Originally KLEAR was created from the desire to see the world from a different perspective, while encovering new horizons.

Inspired by journeys from Annecy to Bangkok, Paris to Bali or even from Lisbonne to New York, KLEAR has been initiated in Montreal to rejoice riders from all over the world. A mixture of passions for the arts, travels and encounters, have shaped the idea of these singular skates.

By playing with transparency, we render the invisible visible while leaving space for imagination as well as to discover an artist, a street, a city and much more…

Skate,Art & Journey

100% acrylic (secret potion), their transparency are ideal to ride and uncover the world under your feet. The KLEAR boards are envisonned, drawn and assembled in Montreal. It is in a small workshop in Utah, in the United States, that our boards are produced and engraved with great care.

We have focused on using a noble material and we are working with the finest brands regarding the wheels, trucks and rolling, to offer you an optimum stability and a unique pleasure to ride.


We select and join forces with talented local and international artists to provide not only quality equipment but also unique artworks in a limited quantity. Each piece is original and carries its own narrative regarding its creation and origins, offering to the one who holds the board, the opportunity to ride through the artist’s realm.