warranty & refund.


All KLEAR boards are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12-months.
Manufacturing defects can sometimes cause warping over time that would damage the board's properties.
Warping is when the acrylic overtime starts bending in certain direction and the board ends up krooked.

What is NOT considered a manufacturing defect:

1 - Scraped from impact, such as nose, tail and rails impact
2 - Improper foot placement when landing aerial tricks.
     (Sometimes when landing a trick improperly your feet will be on
     both sides of one truck, putting huge loads of pressure on one point.
     Resulting in impact based breakage.)
3 - Improper use of the board.
     (Using the board for other purpose than skateboarding/longboarding.)
4 - Scratches and chips
5 - Prolonged use in water
6 - Boards that have been in contact with the underpart of a vehicle,
     car running over and such.

7 - Delamination caused by exposure from intense heat
     (must not exceed 45 °C; 113 °F, often caused by letting the board in the car with closed windows).

8 - Human being in excess of the suggested weight for each model

No exchange or refund policy after purchase.

If you feel like your KLEAR board is defective, you may send us an email containing brief explanations on what happened and clear photographs of the damaged area immediately after receiving your parcel (you have up to two hours after receipt)If we judge your product may have been defective, you will be allow to send it back to us at the following address. 

Email : michaeljesus@icloud.com

102 rue de l'iris
Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada, J8E0E2


90 allée des Gélinottes
74300, Cluses

Art Warranty

KLEAR boards are considered a piece of Art/Design, especially series of artistic collaborations.

We strongly advise you to add the "artwork insurance" option to your home insurance.

What is art insurance?

A work of art guarantee is a coverage solution specific to artistic objects. In the event of a claim, it gives the opportunity to benefit from a better compensation. Artwork insurance offers guarantees that protect art objects against risks, damage and theft. The current value of the valuables to be insured must be indicated. This enables the insurer to determine the value of the objects of value to be insured and to propose a suitable formula to protect them.